What I (don’t) do

Really the good question is not “what I do”, it is “what I could do for you”.

Translation, communication, Social Media and wine tasting are all viable options to explain what I’ve been really doing for over 10 years, and giving you a few more piece of information that will definitely persuade you that you stumbled upon the right web site.

I got a degree in Conference interpreting and Translation by the former High School of Languages for Interpreters and Translators of the Bologna University and since then I mainly dealt with internationalization, localization and cross-culture communication (translation and interpreting) in English, French and Spanish for the wonderful world of wine, food and travel. More easily, I imagine, describe and tell the reality to a different audience that not only speaks a foreign language, but also sees and interprets the world through culturally different eyes, despite of globalization.


Into the vineyard – © 2015 Fabio Barbera

Being an interpreter and a translator means, by the way, I’m NOT a living dictionary. Technical translation has its own rules and specializations. Among those I master, you’ll find communication and marketing, social media, wine and gastronomy, tourism, environment and even something not so hilarious such as legal content, engineering and mechanics. For everything else there’s Google Translate, but you’ll do it at your own risk!

I develop digital communication strategies especially for websites and social media platforms, for which I create and manage contents, protect and monitor online reputation. I attend and organize technical wine tastings and courses (for business, but above all for pleasure!), I’m a storyteller for a very famous Sicilian winery and I’m a “talent scout” for some restaurants’ wine lists. Also, you will often find me around in vineyards or cellars with a camera or an iPhone® in my hands, because a picture is worth more than a thousand words.

I’m a Social Media content creator and curator, a professional ONAV taster and educator and WSET certified, wine consultant (but NOT a sommelier) and I adore photography. By the way, I’m NOT a graphic designer, a journalist nor a professional photographer, even if I can put all together their expertise and make them visible and good-looking on the web.

I love communication, even in its less poetic representation, SEO, that is the web optimization of content for search engines. Basically, I work as interpreter for Google & co algorithms to let your contents stand out and rank higher in SERP, because content is still king, but only if search engines can find you.

By the way, I’m NOT a programmer or a computer technician. If your laptop or pc is down or your router is out of order, please call a true technician or ask for a miracle.

If you think I’m the right person to “talk” to your customers or commercial partners, to plan a communication strategy on social media or on your website, to protect and manage your online reputation and renovate your wine list, please contact me, sending an email. I’ll answer ASAP. Alternatively, you can virtually find me on this blog and on my social profiles.