Who’s Marilena

Everybody know me as Marilena, even if the civil registry insists in assigning me a name I’ve never felt my own.

I have been awarded a university degree in Translation and Conference interpreting, so it doesn’t surprise that foreign languages have always been a must in my life. Since I was a little girl I unconsciously knew at least a hundred words in French and Spanish just listening to my great grand-mo-

Let’s put a face on it!

ther who spoke ancient Sicilian dialect; I sang radio hits in broken English and I acted as interpreter with my Swiss little cousins who, during summer, spent their holidays at my grandparent’s place. All this pointed at the interpreting and translation school as a big blinking arrow. Much water has passed under the bridge and I have finally learnt three real languages (French, Spanish and English).

I’m very proud to be Sicilian, even if the locals typical accent was lost long ago, living in other Italian cities and abroad. Palermo is the city I was born and raised and that I called home up to 19 years old, but in my veins, I have 100% Castelbuono’s blood (a pretty village on the slopes of Madonie mountains, close to Cefalù).

Romagna, Brussels, Rome and Barcelona adopted me for a few years, during my studies and my very first job experience, and then was time again to go back to Sicily. Marsala is home today, the most western city on the island and famous for the wine bearing its name, the very first Italian wine known worldwide.

I am a translator, WSET and ONAV (National Organization of Wine Taster) taster and educator, Social Media Manager. During the last 10 years I have been dealing with cross-culture communication, localization and internationalization in some very technical fields that really fascinate me: wine, food, places… the quintessence of the DNA of each individual and the peculiar footprint every people is characterized by, despite centuries of changes.

Communication (especially using a foreign language) and the web are my biggest passions, but wine top them all, with its unchanged alchemy and charm, despite centuries of history.

I love visual communication, social media, storytelling, beautiful food, but most of all healthy food, and travels. Depending on the days I can be “sporty“ or glutton, I have a “crazy cat lady” soul, and after all I am an incurable perfectionist.